T-cell ‘training grounds’ behind robust immune system response seen in adenovirus vaccines

July 17, 2021

Writing in the journal Nature Immunology, they detail an investigation into one of the key features of adenovirus vaccines – their ability to generate strong and sustained populations of the ‘killer’ T-cell element of the immune system.The ultimate goal with these vaccines is the induction of long-term immune system protection using both antibodies and T-cells.The long lived nature of the cells means that the antigen can be ‘shown’ to the immune system many times, effectively boosting the response, a critical element of generation of protective T-cells.They were also able to investigate other mechanisms which may explain the particular efficacy of adenovirus vectors, including the key chemical messenger involved in signalling to T cells.This is a factor called IL-33 – a so-called “alarmin” released when the stromal cells receive signals of distress.

The source of this news is from University of Oxford